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Trapping Coyotes

Trapping coyotes in Nashville, Tennessee has become a part of my life.  I trap in the winter for fur and trap coyotes in early summer for QDM.  Trapping coyotes while fawns are dropping helps fawn survival.  Not every property needs a yote trapped but if your deer numbers are down, then building better habitat and removing coyotes is a great start. Coyotes eat anything and everything,  it's amazing what you will find in a coyote turd.  If you can plant some fruit trees, mass producing trees and establish some cover you will have all kinds of critters living in it.  With the soft and hard mass available and all the mice and rabbits living in and around the cover you will take some attention off the deer herd. Coyotes play a significant roll in the balance of nature, but left unchecked they can lower deer numbers and stress the deer herd.  Deer that aren't stressed and have adequate habitat are healthier and grow bigger.  It seems impossible at times to keep coyotes in check but trapping them at the right time does help.  The right time. If you have a problem coyote or want a better fawn recruitment on your property give me a call @ (615)478-3909 or email @   Yote Chasing A Buck In A Food Plot yote chasing buck
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